Talent Show Workshop


Answer the question:   
“What is Well-Being?"

All forms of expression will be considered.

Contest includes:

  • Original Song /Poem / Rap /
  • Skit / Short Story / 
  • Essay/ Speech
  • Art / Illustration/ 
  • Dance / Gymnastics / Parkour
  • Short Film / Photography


1- Qualifications

a. Must address the question "What is Well-Being" 
b. No longer than 5 minutes long.

2-Entries will be judged on:

a.  demonstrated understanding of  Well-Being 
b.  quality of the art, originality, creativity, passion.

3- Team submissions:
Individuals and teams are welcome.
Teams pay one entry fee and receive one prize together.
Families are encouraged to work together.  
Businesses can form a team to submit one entry.  
Individuals can submit as many entries as desired, each with a separate entry fee.
Individuals can also submit an entry as a team.

4- Entry deadline: August 31, 2019- ENTRIES WILL BE TAKEN SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 UNTIL AUGUST 31, 2019. If you have any questions, contact Tere Foster at 262-232-3196.  Entries will be received on a first-come first-serve basis.  First 75 contestants will receive additional benefits to be announced.

5- Showcase: All acts perform on Sunday, September 15, 2017 at the Hub-Om Summit. After your entry is received, you will be receiving admission tickets and more information about this event.

6- Professionals and celebrities are welcome to submit to our Well-Being Collection, but are asked to add to the prize pot rather than take the prize money.

7- Entries will be posted on facebook and voted on through "likes" and comments. 

8- Prize donations can be offered at WellBeingRocks@gmail.com.




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